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Wizard Industries, Inc

Little Wizard II Woodworking Metal Detector

Little Wizard II Woodworking Metal Detector

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Introducing the Little Wizard, a precision hand-held metal detector specifically designed for woodworkers. This compact device is perfect for scanning reclaimed wood for hidden screws and nails before planing, routing, sanding, or sawing. It's also an effective tool for other metal detection applications.

The Little Wizard detects metal buried within recycled wood by emitting a high-pitched beep tone and illuminating an array of LEDs. It precisely pinpoints the exact location of metal, eliminating the need for guesswork, extensive physical searching, or unnecessary visual inspections.

To use the Little Wizard, simply insert a fresh, high-quality 9-volt battery (Duracell recommended). Turn on the unit, tune it, and familiarize yourself with its detection capabilities using bare metals. Scan the wood in a crosshatch pattern, ensuring you check both directions and scan between cuts. The Little Wizard is a popular choice among woodworkers for its compact size, unique detection strength, and adjustable sensitivity.

Not only does the Little Wizard accurately detect damaging nails, screws, and other hidden metal objects in wood, but it can also be used to locate studs in walls by identifying the screws holding the drywall to the studs. Additionally, it serves as a precision handheld metal detector for treasure hunting and pinpointing applications.

As the most economical portable metal detector on the market, the Little Wizard requires proper tuning and understanding of its use. It's a powerful tool that works effectively when used as suggested. Please read and follow the directions carefully, and remember that a fresh, non-lithium battery is crucial for optimal metal detection. For the best results, use a new Duracell 9-volt battery with at least 8.2 volts.

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